The Battle of Yashida Tower was a battle between the Wolverine, Yukio and Mariko Yashida against Ichirō Yashida and the Viper. It was fought in the large expanse of Yashida Tower.

Background Edit

Determined to retain his youth and stay immortal, Ichirō Yashida hatched a plan that would transfer the Wolverine's X-Gene into his body. In the process, he had his granddaughter, Mariko Yashida kidnapped out of the hope that the brusque warrior would try and rescue her. He also had the Viper design a special samuri suit made out of adamantium for him to allow him to live longer and cut off the Wolverine's adamantium claws.

Battle Edit

Arriving at the site of Yashida Tower, the Wolverine was attacked by the Black Ninja Clan. Here fight records vary, as some accounts claim that Kenuicho Harada immobilized the Wolverine with poisoned arrows. Others claim that the Ninja Clan had a fierce battle with the Wolverine before they immobilized him. Either way, he was detained and captured by Ichirō Yashida and the Viper.

Although he had a fierce battle with Ichirō Yashida, the Wolverine's adamantium claws ended up being cut off. However, through the help of Mariko and Kenuicho Harada, whom, on the behalf of the Black Ninja Clan, turned on the Yashidas, the Wolverine managed to kill Ichirō Yashida. The Viper on the other hand was hung by Yukio.

Aftermath Edit

Following the battle, Mariko Yashida took over as the new CEO of Yashida Corporation. The Wolverine traveled with Yukio for about two years until the two finally decided to go their separate ways.