Bobby Drake was a member of the X-Men who went by the codename Iceman. Due to the timetravelling of the Wolverine, two different versions of Bobby Drake existed.

Original Timeline Edit

Recruited into Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Bobby kept his Mutant powers a secret from his family. Learning from the institute's staff on how to harness his powers, Bobby found himself romantically entangled with Rogue, whom he ironically was unabel to touch. After William Stryker attacked the school, Bobby, Rogue and John Allerdyce fled with the Wolverine. Going to Boston, Bobby revealed the truth to his family but was outcast. He then accompanied the team to Alkali Lake where he had his falling out with John. Shortly afterwards, he returned to the school to resume his studies.

He found himself drifting further and further apart with Rogue, and becoming closer and closer with Kitty Pryde. He then proceeded to join the X-Men and fight the Brotherhood of Mutants at the Battle of Alcatraz. It was here he confronted John and the two fought, with Bobby defeating his former best friend. After the battle, Bobby was shocked to discover that Rogue had taken the Leech Cure all so that he could finally touch her.

After this, everything proceeded to go downwards for Bobby as he and Rogue were separated shortly afterwards. Joining up with Kitty, Piotr Rasputin, Bishop, Warpath, Sunspot and Blink, Bobby managed to escape the rise of the Sentinels for years. As the years went by and the Earth crumbled, Bobby and Kitty grew closer together, eventually starting a relationship with each other. Due to timetravel, Bobby managed to reverse his death several times, but after meeting up with Professor X and Magneto, he became a part of the Battle for the Future. Becoming the first line of defense, Bobby was the final casualty. His sacrifice was important, as it gave the Wolverine and Kitty the few seconds needed to overwrite the Original Timeline and create the new one.

New Timeline Edit

Reborn in the New Timeline, Bobby was still recruited by Professor Xavier, to the school for gifted youngsters. He still ended up in a relationship with Rogue as well and remained at the school as a teacher after graduating.

Powers Edit

Bobby possed cryokinesis, the ability to generate and manipulate ice and snow. He used this to freeze several objects and project ice beams from his hands. During the Battle of Alcatraz, his latent mutation, the ability to coat himself with an organic ice form, activated. This form gave him super strength and allowed him temporary invulnerability.