Magneto nearly destroying the US and USSR naval fleets.

The Cuban Missile Crisis was a conflict between the United States of America and the Soviet Union. The conflict nearly resulted in a global nuclear conflict, which had the potential to result in mutual assured destruction. The missile conflict was started when the Russians decided to place their missiles in Cuba.

The Conflict Edit

Background Edit

Believing the Mutant race to be prone to atomic radiation, ex-Nazi Sebastian Shaw recruited Azazel, Emma Frost and Riptide, fellow mutants, to his cause. Shaw then forced American Colonel Robert Hendry into placing Jupiter missiles in Turkey. Shaw then forced the Soviet Union defense minister to place the Russian missiles in Cuba. This was to result in a conflict that would result in a nuclear war. However, unknown to Shaw, Division X had not been shut down as the CIA had ordered and continued to operate.

The Event Edit

The Russian and American submarines confronted each other, with that of Sebastian Shaw's lurking in the waters underneath. The Division X memebrs then arrived and fought the Hellfire Club members. They managed to take out Angel Salvadore, Riptide and Azazel. However, Shaw had managed to absorb enough energy to become a living sub-atomic bomb. His potential release of the energy would be enough to spark the conflict. However, Shaw was killed by Magneto. Both nations then attempted to fire on Division X, but were prevented by Magneto, who was then attacked by Moira MacTaggert, inadverdently leading to Charles Xavier being paralyzed.

Aftermath Edit

Immediately following the event, Magneto took Mystique and the remaining members of the Hellfire Club and formed the Brotherhood of Mutants. This in itself would lead to the assassination of President Kennedy.