Ichirō Yashida was a former Imperial Japanese soldier and the founder of the Yashida Corporation. Yashida was a descendent of the great Yashida Clan and hence owned many great properties such as the Yashida Tower. However, as a man, Ichirō Yashida was fearful, constantly fearing the day he died. In order to avoid death, Yashida attempted to take the X-Gene of the Wolverine.

Biography Edit

A soldier in the Imperial Japanese army, in 1945, Ichirō Yashida was stationed at Nagasaki. He guarded over their Canadian prisoner, James Howlett. When the atomic bomb dropped, Ichirō freed Howlett in order to let him live, but was not prepared to end his own life via seppuku. Saved from the atomic radiation by the immortal Howlett, Ichirō offered him his ancestral samuri sword. However, Howlett promised to take it later and left Yashida to his own machinations.

Taking advantage of the life given to him by the Canadian, Yashida built of the Yashida Corporation, expanded his family fortune, married and had a son, Shingen Yashida. However, Ichirō was always disapointed in his son, unable to see himself in the child. When Shingen grew up and had his own daughter, Mariko Yashida, Ichirō was enthralled with his granddaughter. Seeing her as a suitable heir, he made her the sole inheritor of his fortune. Determined to make Mariko's life better, Yashida brought in the young Mutant Yukio to live with the Yashida family.

Eventually diagnosed with a terminal illness, Yashida used much of the Yashida fortune to invest in several technologies to try and save his own life. One of these was a machine that could transfer the X-Gene into another being. Hiring Dr. Green, Yashida set out to find Howlett, now known as the Wolverine. Sending Yukio, eventually the Wolverine was found. However, the Canadian refused to give up his immortality, seeing it as a curse instead of a boon. Faking his own death and surving through the use of a gigantic Adamantium samuri armour, Yashida almost took the Wolverine's immortality. However, due to the betrayal of Mariko, was killed the brutal warrior.

Powers Edit

Being human, Ichirō never possessed any extranormal powers. However, for a slight time he possessed a fraction of the Wolverine's X-Gene. However, it was only enough for him to temporarily regain a youthful appearance and slight healing.