Jimmy was a young American Mutant who was placed in the care of Worthington Labs.

Biography Edit

After being discovered to be a mutant, Jimmy's power was found to be anomaly, it "leeched" another mutant's X-Gene away for a while, effectively suppressing their mutation. However, this was only temporary. After being taken in by Worthington Las, Jimmy's DNA was tinkered and tankered with to create the Leech Cure. Becoming a huge part of the Battle of Alcatraz, the X-Men tried to rescue Jimmy, the Brotherhood of Mutants tried to kill him and the US Military attempted to contain him. Taken by the X-Men, Jimmy was made a student at the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters under headmistress Ororo Munroe.

Powers Edit

A form of Molecular Acceleration, Jimmy's X-Gene component was strange as it was charged up by leeching off another mutant's powers. While this did not effect Jimmy in any way, it did suppress the other mutant's abilities, leaving them powerless. Aside from this, Jimmy did not have any sort of power such as telepathy.