Molecular Acceleration was a form of Kinesis which resulted in the molecules of a certain object being accelerated in order to create raw energy. Oftentimes this power would be unstable, as in the case of Cyclops, was uncontrollable and was always accelerating, creating powerful optic blasts from his eyes. Other times, it was more tame and controllable, as the likes of Gambit could concentrate it onto a specific object. Others could cause acceleration in order to teleport themselves.

Mutants Edit

  • Cyclops - Energy accelerated out of his eyes into powerful optic blasts.
  • Gambit - Was able to accelerate the raw potential energy of an object.
  • Kitty Pryde - Could accelerate the molecules of her body to phase through objects.
  • Nightcrawler - Could accelerate his cells to an entirely different location (teleporter).
  • John Wraith - Could accelerate his cells to an entirely different location (teleporter).
  • Blink - Could open up portals to cause teleportation.

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