Remy LeBeau was an American Mutant theif who was able to absorb the energy out of an object and use it to make kinetic blasts. The object Remy used most commonly were cards.

Biography Edit

A thief from New Orleans, Remy became known to William Stryker, who captured him and used him for his experiments on Three Mile Island. Here Remy gained the nickname Gambit. Eventually Remy escaped, the only one to do so. He spent several years safe from Stryker, playing cards and swindling people until he was approached by Logan to infiltrate the island. Though he initially refused, Remy agreed to do so and in the Battle of Three Mile Island helped free Stryker's mutant prisoners. Remy then attempted to escape the island with Logan, but the man had become amnesic and refused to do so. Leaving Logan alone, Remy left.

Powers Edit

Remy had the ability to take an object and charge it, tapping the object's kinetic molecular potential. He could hence make it either like a battery or a bomb. The larger the object, the longer the time it took to charge the object. Remy's abilities also gave him enhanced agility.