The exterminator of mutants: the Sentinel Mark X.

No one ever talks about it - they just do it. And you go on with your lives, ignoring the signs all around you and then one day, when the air is still and the night has fallen, they come for you.

Erik Lehnsherr on the topic of extermination.

The Sentinel Mark X was the final and most potent model of the Sentinels developed by Trask Industries. These new Sentinels initially only went after the Mutant Race, however, after realizing that humans too would eventually become mutants, hitherto making mutants human, the Sentinels stopped distinguishing between the two. Hence, they went on a mass rampage murdering all sentient life on Earth. The Mark X's were only present in the Original Timeline as the timetravelling tamperings of the Wolverine denied them their slaughter in the New Timeline.

In the New Timeline, they had quickly eradicated all mutant threats and placed most mutants in internment camps, most notably Camp X-Ray and the South Bronx Mutant Containment Facility. Ruling the world, they placed all non-threat mutants in camps, humans who sympathized with them and humans whose children or grandchildren could potentially one day be humans.

Machinations Edit

They featured magnetic plates which could expand or contract, heat or cool down and even change the composition of the metal from which they were made. This allowed them to adapt during battle to take down the different powers of the mutants they were after. The Sentinels were outfitted with a Mutant Detection Device in order to allow themselves the ability to track down mutants. They were transported across the globe via ships, although they possessed the ability to fly for short term operations. Whilst flying, the Mark X's remained in a stationary position. The most key aspect of the Mark X Sentinels was their ability to adapt to the powers of mutants. This was supplied to them by William Stryker, who had handed the mutant Mystique over to them. Once the scientists at Trask Industries tapped into the true potential of her genes, they were able to reverse engineer them into the Sentinels.

Development Edit

After ninth generation Sentinel Mark I was deployed in the Occupy Wall Street march, Trask Industries advanced development on their next model of Sentinel. The most advancing development came when they managed to create a hybrid gene made out of mutant DNA which could be meshed into the new Sentinels. Unveiled in 2013, the Sentinel Mark X were biomechanical weapons. In 2020, they were finally released to the public and started the armageddon.