One day, someone will finish what I've started, Wolverine. One Day! One Day!

William Stryker

The Sentinels were law enforcement robots built by Bolivar Trask with the intention of containing and halting the further evolution of the X-Gene. Their development was aided by a young William Stryker, who saw the machines as a good method to eradicate the mutants. They were produced en masse by Trask Industries. Eventually, by 2018, when Stryker was dead, the scientists at Trask Industries had decided eliminating the mutant threat was the right thing. Thereby, they had sealed the mutant extinction, as well as their own.

In the New Timeline, Trask Industries were responsible for the first model of Sentinels. However, due to the timetravelling of the Wolverine, the company did not exist beyond 1973.

Models Edit

  • Sentinel Mark I - The prototype edition of the Sentinels. They were deployed to cities almost immediately after construction, although they were not approved.
  • Sentinel Mark X - The most potent version of the Sentinels. They turned on humans after realizing that there was no inherent difference between them and mutants.