Lord Shingen Yashida was the son of Ichirō Yashida and the father of Mariko Yashida. A very powerful political figure, Shingen also had some underworld support being a prominent figure in the Yakuza. Shingen resented his father and daughter and wanted to become the leader of the Yashida Corporation. Lord Shingen was also known for being a fierce samuri.

Biography Edit

Born into the Yashida Clan, Shingen always believed himself to be destined for greatness. However, his father was distant to him and the two never got along. Studying biology in university, Shingen came to believe the Mutant kind to be abominations and was aghast when his father allowed Yukio to play with his daughter. Seeing his father care for Mariko much more than him, Shingen was enraged when she was named the sole heir to the Yashida fortune. Hence, he attempted to have her killed by the Yakuza, but the attempt only led to him being murdered by the Wolverine.