Team X was a Mutant Task Force created by William Stryker to gather resources for Weapon X. This was the second team of mutants that Stryker led, the first during the Vietnam War. The entire team consisted of mutants who could be considered mercenaries.

History Edit

Team X was founded shortly after the conclusion of the Vietnam War, with Stryker recruiting immortal mutants Wolverine and Sabretooth. Friends Fred Dukes and John Wraith were roped in shortly after as well as assassins Agent Zero and Wade Wilson. At an unknown period of time, Chris Bradley was also recruited. For four years the team stayed together, with most of the team growing to detest Wolverine due to his hostile attitude. During an attack on an African village for Adamantium, the Wolverine quit, refusing to kill innocents. Fred and John left soon after, questioning the teams morality. Wade Wilson disappeared shortly thereafter, but was secretly still loyal to Stryker. With most of it's members gone, Team X was abandoned.

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