Trask Industries was a robotics company started by Bolivar Trask. The main purpose of the company was to create the Sentinels, law enforcement robots that would be able to stop the furthering of the X-Gene. To achieve their goals, Trask Industries had participated in several illicit activities. The most notorious of these were the torturing of mutants, both peaceful and extremists. They also participated in the Watergate Scandal and started the Tandem Initiative.

History Edit

After being founded in 1967, Trask Industries had, by the early 1970s, grown to become one of the world's largest weapons designers. They also helped design the cell for Erik Lehnsherr following the Trial of Magneto. The company, however, was just a front made by Bolivar Trask to experiment on mutants. Trask's main goal was to eradicate mutants, and to do this, he desgined the Sentinels, starting with the Sentinel Mark I. All Sentinels were outfit with a Mutant Detection Device. Trask also took on an apprentice in William Stryker and believed his experiments to be done in secret. However, Mystique caught wind of these experiments and murdered Trask, only to be captured by Stryker herself. With Trask's death, Trask Industries was incensed and after the succesful deployment of Mark I, worked with Stryker to start creating the  the Sentinel Mark X.

Continuing to influence the world, Trask Industries created the Tandem Initiative, began to work with the FBI and made their own Mutant Registry decades before the Mutant Registration Act was even considered. While the Sentinels continued to be a source of profit, the Tandem Intiative began to root out the Kennedy Curse and find mutants to experiment on. Trying to cure the X-Gene for humans in the future, Trask Industries accidentally started Mad Cow Disease. They later continued to work with the government and set up Camp X-Ray and created the Inhibitor Collars. The successes of these allowed Trask Industries to set up more internment camps and eventually pass the Inhibitor Collar as law for high-affect mutants when outside a camp.

After unveiling the Sentinel Mark X, Trask Industries started armageddon. Destroying several world nations in their mutant genocide, Trask Industries also imprisoned human supporters of mutant humans. The main internement camp was now the South Bronx Containment Facility.

New Timeline Edit

In the New Timeline, Mystique never assassinated Trask, allowing the man to convince President Nixon to launch the program much earlier. However, after Mystique saved Nixon from Magneto, Bolivar Trask was arrested and Trask Industries was shut down, the Tandem Initiative alongside it.