The X-Gene was a molecular unit of hereditary genetics that possessed strange traits that imbued powers in those who had it, making them mutants. The X-Gene had the ability to either give a mutant telepathic control, allow them some sort of kinetic manipulation, give them physical enhancements or coat themselves with an organic substance. Sometimes a mutant would possess several of these abilities. These levels of mutations were precipitated by the presence of the X-Gene in several generations. When activated, the X-Gene caused genetic overexpression, resulting in the powers within mutant humanity.

  • Telepathy: Telepaths had several unique abilities that allowed for manipulation of the mind.
  • Kinesis: The most powerful kinetic ability was Telekinesis, because it allowed for control over all objects. Most kineticists only had control over certain properties (Magnetokinesis, Cryokinesis) or could cause molecular accelleration. A notable example of the latter was Kitty Pryde, as she possessed the ability to accelerate molecules to the degree that she could phase a person's consience back in time.
  • Enhancements':' Mutants with physical enhnacments to their preexisting body structures usually either had claws, elongated fingernails, certain animilian characteristics, adaptive radiation or a healing factor.
  • Coat: Many mutants, such as Emma Frost could coat themselves with an organic substance. Known coats were diamond, steel and ice.

As gene mutations occur often in humans, it was unsurprising for mutations of the magnitude presented by the X-Gene to arise. Low Affect Mutations, which often included heterochromia, premature balding and heightened athletic ability, happened more intensely and frequently. Electromagnetic waves and ultraviolet radiation was also a factor in these mutations.