Xavier's school upon opening for the first time in 1965.

The Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters was a private academy attended by Mutant children as a means to protect them from the genetic segregation of the outside world as well as aid them in honing their sometimes unstable abilities. Many of the students who had nowhere else to go stayed on the staff as teachers or joined Charles' secret police force designed to protect all innocents, the X-Men. The school was located on the Xavier Estate, also called the X-Mansion.

Original Timeline Edit

Shortly after the Cuban Missile Crisis, the school was created by Charles Xavier and Hank McCoy. The two expanded the X-Mansion shortly afterwards in order to accomodate multiple classrooms and sports facilities. However, this first iteration of the school fell into disarray after the first semester when the eldest students and teaching faculty were drafted into the Vietnam War.

In the 1980s, the school was restarted by Charles. This time, due to Charles becoming a much wiser man, was much more successful and managed to become a shining beacon of hope for mutants around the world. Following the death of Xavier, the school was headed by Ororo Munroe. However, due to the growing hatred of mutants, the school was aquired and shut down by Trask Industries.

New Timeline Edit

In the New Timeline, the history of the school remained the same up until the point where it was shut down due to the Vietnam War. It was later restarted by Xavier at a much earlier date, was never handed off to Munroe and was never shut down by Trask Industries.